28 Jun

Half shell scallops still has their roe intact (orange roe for female).

Raw Sea scallops just with the scallop meat

Wet vs Dry Scallops

Wet scallops contain added chemicals to preserve the scallops during transportation and storage. The chemicals also makes the scallops more plump and the meat whiter. However, upon cooking, it shrinks more than Dry scallops due to water loss.

However, dry scallops have no preservatives. They are frozen immediately once it is caught. The meat is off-white in colour and less shrinkage during cooking.

How to tell if the scallops are fresh?

The meat of the scallops should have a sweet and fresh smell with firm and slightly transparent meat. It should not smell fishy or have slimy meat.

How to cook Scallops

Scallops are cooked quickly. Overcooking can cause it to be tough and chewy.

Commonly, half shell scallops are baked or steamed. While raw sea scallops are seared with butter. Sashimi grade scallops can be added to Chirashi Don or Poke bowls.

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