Black Pepper Smoked Duck (1kg)

Ready to eat Smoked duck breast coated with
Earn 26 Reward Points

Durian Puff (24pcs)

Contains real D24 durian meat. Perfect for durian
Earn 23 Reward Points

Ebi Fry (10pcs)

One of the most popular japanese finger food.
Earn 5 Reward Points

Edamame with Stem (1kg)

Slightly salted and ready to eat crunchy edamame
Earn 9 Reward Points

Halibut Fillet (500g)

Fresh boneless IQF fish fillets with skin on.
Earn 19 Reward Points

Hokkaido Sashimi Scallops (1kg)

Sweet, succulent and fresh sashimi scallops imported from
Earn 72 Reward Points

Premium Japanese Rice (2kg)

Authentic premium Japanese rice imported from Japan and
Earn 36 Reward Points

Raw White Shrimps (900g)

Fresh white shrimps with shell on
Earn 28 Reward Points

Shrimp Paste Chicken (1kg)

Perfectly marinated chicken wings with our very own
Earn 15 Reward Points

White Boiled Clam (1kg)

White clams that is fuss free and so
Earn 10 Reward Points


“Bringing the Freshest Restaurant Quality Products to You”

It all started with a question: “How can we bring restaurant grade products to our customers so that they can enjoy it in the comfort of their own home?” With this in mind, iChef Pte Ltd was born. Founded in 2011, iChef is the pioneer batch of frozen seafood wholesalers to venture into e-commerce.

Back then, we only started with about 10 items. Over the past six years, we have now expanded to about 70 items. Thanks to your support, we will not stop here. We aim to be a one-stop grocery shop for all your food needs for any occasion, bringing in a wider variety of products from all over Asia.

We are very serious about the food quality and hygiene standards of the products that we bring to you. We can ensure you that our suppliers are reliable and all our items are obtained from certified factories.

Also, in order to serve you better, we have expanded our pick up locations island wide for your convenience. Click here to find the collection points nearest to you.

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