About Us

“Bringing the Freshest Restaurant Quality Products to You”

It all started with a question: “How can we bring restaurant grade products to our customers so that they can enjoy it in the comfort of their own home?”

With this in mind, iChef Pte Ltd was born. Founded in 2011, iChef Pte Ltd is the pioneer batch of frozen seafood whole sellers to start selling our products online.

Back then, we only started with about 10 items. Over the years, we have now expanded to more than 100 items, focusing more on Japanese products.

But, thanks to your support, we will not stop here. We aim to be a one-stop grocery shop for all your food needs for any occasion, bringing in a wider variety of products from all over Asia.

We are very serious about the food quality and hygiene standards of the products that we bring to you. Hence, we ensure that our suppliers are reliable and all our items are obtained from certified factories.