Chicken Bulgogi Kimbap (serves 4)


2 cups of uncooked rice (iChef)
300g Chicken Bulgogi (iChef)
3 eggs
1 pack of yellow picked radish (danmuji)
3 medium carrots, sliced
6 sheets of sushi seaweed
1 white onion, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
sesame oil
Cooking oil
Salt and pepper
Spring onions
Sesame seeds


  1. Wash and cook rice as directed on the package
  2. Once cooked, cool to room temperature, add 2 tsp sesame oil, some sesame seeds and salt and fluff rice with a spatula. Don’t overwork it.
  3. Heat about 1 tsp of cooking oil and 1 tsp sesame oil. Fry sliced carrots for about 1 min, add salt to taste and set aside.
  4. Add another 1 tsp of oil into the frying pan. Beat eggs with a pinch of salt, and pour onto frying pan on low-med heat. Cut into strips and set aside
  5. Add 1 tbsp of cooking oil and add garlic and sliced onions. Fry until slightly brown. Add in the chicken bulgogi and stir fry until cooked
  6. Add some chopped spring onions and sesame seeds
  7. Assemble:
    1. Place a sheet of seaweed on a sushi mat and add a thin layer of rice. Leave about 1 cm at the top.
    2. Line up each prepared ingredients in the middle Roll the kimbap away from you and quickly and firmly roll it to let the rice stick on the seaweed.
    3. Repeat until all ingredients are used up
  8. Brush some sesame oil on the rolls and cut with a knife.


Wet your hands before taking the rice and spreading on the seaweed so that the rice will not stick to your hands
Use a sharp knife to cut the kimbap rolls so that the rolls will not fall apart


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